Beyond Fidget Spinners: Practical Help for ADHD children

He can’t stay in his seat in class, and when he is finally seated, he fidgets.  She daydreams and twists strands of her hair. Could each of these children have attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder? Possibly. In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that that 11 percent of American children, ages 4 to 17, […]

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Experiencing Dyslexia

One in five children struggles with reading. Have you ever imagined what school is like for these children?  Dyslexia, which often runs in families, is a lifelong neurological condition that affects how the brain receives, processes and responds to language. Individuals with dyslexia have trouble reading accurately and fluently. Reading comprehension, spelling and writing are […]

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Listen to Hal Rowe’s interview with Dr. Russell Barkley, ADHD expert.

  On Thursday, February 12, 2017, Hal Rowe from radio station WHKY interviewed Dr. Russell Barkley, an internationally-recognized authority on ADHD. Listen to interview here and learn more about the March 5 presentations that Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center is hosting at P.E. Monroe Auditorium on the campus of Lenoir-Rhyne University. Here’s the entire interview […]

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Ribbon of Hope helps local learning resource center Break the Code

HICKORY, N.C. – The Patrick Beaver Learning Resource Center is a recipient of a North Carolina GlaxoSmithKline Foundation Ribbon of Hope grant. “The Center is using the funding for its expansion of the Augustine Literacy Project®,” said the Center’s executive director Angela Lawrence.  “With the resources provided by this grant, we have two main goals. […]

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